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How do you iron paper with Cricut?

Place iron-on sheet, lining side down, on Cricut StandardGrip cutting mat. The Ironon Kiss Cut Guide will help you adjust your machine settings. A kiss cut is a cut which only passes through the ironon film and leaves the liner unaltered. Select the images you wish to cut and size them.

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Everyday iron-on: Cutting and application instructions

  1. Iron-on sheet, liner-side down, onto Cricut StandardGrip cutting pad
  2. Follow the Iron-on Kiss Cut Guide to adjust your machine settings.
  3. Select and size the images you wish to cut.
  4. Place the mat in the machine and cut the image(s).

Do you need transfer paper to iron vinyl? I prefer to cover the plastic carrier sheets with a piece parchment paper or thin cotton fabric. Some HTV types will need more heat or less time. Make sure you read the instructions for the material. I like to take a while to get the design right, then check it out to see how it is doing.

How do you use Cricut heat transfer paper?

Place the Transfer Tape (adhesive-side down) gently over your design, starting at the center and working your way outwards. Use a scraper or a craft stick to rub or polish the tape onto vinyl. Peel the vinyl from the liner at 45 degrees.

Which side is ironed on Cricut?

Cricut Machine: Iron-On Sheets