About Us

Most of the time we want quick answers to our simple questions. We don’t want to delve into loads of content spread across different websites to find a few word answer.

But unfortunately, this is not how internet works, at least yet. For example, if you want to know “what is manual focus in camera?” and you query on your favorite search engine then you get some links as results. Now there is a lengthy article behind each link. The answer to your question is hidden somewhere between that lengthy article but unless you read the full article, you cannot spot the answer to your simple question.

Now let us admit, this is frustrating. Moreover, we have seen that many people hate reading. It is stressful and dreadful to them. Ideal situation would be to answer the query in brief, short and relevant style – easier and quick to read. If one wants the detail then he or she may go on to read the longer version of article at her will – but don’t force it upon everyone to read full.

This is what we do at EverythingAsk.com. We tend to put the answers in less than 100 words – to-the-point, short and sweet! And apart from that we put the link to full answer, so if the brief summary does not quenches your thirst, one can proceed to read the full article to know more about the topic.