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What rights do tenants without Florida leases have?

You can either evict the tenant or allow them to leave at any time if there is not a written lease. Proper notice is not required, although most landlords try to give at least a few days notice. For monthly agreements, notice must be given at least 15 days in advance.

What are my rights, therefore, if I don’t have a lease?

If there is no lease, landlords can evict tenants. A written or oral lease cannot be evicted by a landlord. The reason is that a landlord can still evict you if there is no lease. You will be in a month to month tenancy and you must pay rent monthly or more often if you have an agreement.

What are the rights of tenants in Florida? Florida tenants have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home. Florida lease law requires that landlords give notice to tenants before they can enter their apartments. A reasonable notice must be given by the landlord. The landlord must give a minimum of twelve hours notice for repairs.

How do I expel a tenant in Massachusetts without a lease?

As with all other evictions the landlord must issue a notice of quit to the tenant, stating the details of the offenses. The notice to quit is usually a 7-day notice if the tenant holds a standard lease. It's possible to use a 30-day notice for tenants who do not have a written lease.

How can you expel someone who doesn’t have a lease?

There is no need to evict. No lease simply means that it is a monthly lease that you can end at any time. First, inform them in writing that they must move out within 30 days. If they refuse to move, inform them in writing that you will take legal action (an expulsion) within 3 days.