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What temperature should detergent water be kept in a three-compartment sink?

Cleaning and Sanitizing in an Three- Compartment Sink
Use a detergent solution of at least 110oF (43oC) to wash your items in the first sink. 3. Spray or immerse items in the second Sink with water at least 110oF (43oC ).

What temperature should detergent water be?


You may also be curious about the dimensions of a three-compartment manual ware washing sink. The drainboards should not be smaller than the compartments. FDA recommends a minimum size of 26-48a3 in length and 30a3 in width. A pitch of 1/8a3-3/8a3 per ft should be provided for the sink. All drain boards and dish tables must be drained to the sewer.

What are the steps to use a 3-compartment sink?

Use a suitable test kit to determine the concentration of chemical sanitizer.

  1. Before washing, rinse, scrape or soak all items.
  2. The first sink is where you should wash your items. They should be washed in a detergent solution of at least 110 AAdegF (43 AADEgC).
  3. Rinse the items in the second sink.
  4. In the third sink, wash all items.
  5. All items should be dried in the air.

Are you able to wash your lights in cold or hot water?

You can wash most of your clothes in warm water. It provides good washing without significant shrinking or fading. When to Use Cool Water a Dark or bright colors can bleed, or delicate fabrics. You should use coldwater (80AdegF). If you are looking to save energy, cold water is an excellent choice.