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What does the 0a signify?

0A (zero A), or 0-A could refer to: 0x0A is the hexadecimal Octet that corresponds to ASCII's line feed control character. 0ary (or nullary, or point-free), is when a function takes zero operands. See Arity.

What does %0a refer to in this context?

%0A refers to URL-encoding of newlines, which you would use in (obviously!) URLs. x0a_ would be HTML-encoding for the same character you would use. However, it is not working for many reasons. You can use the br> tag to break a line in HTML.

What does 0a in hex mean? ASCII Character Set, Hexadecimal Values

Numeric Values Significance
Decimal Hex
9 09 Horizontal tab
10 0A Line feed
11 0B Vertical tab

What character is %0a then?

Name of the Character Char Hex
Line Feed LF 0A
Vertical Tab VT 0B
Formula Feed FF 0C
Carriage Return CR 0D

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