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To remove a dead animal, who do you call?

Contact your local sanitation department! Look for "[yourcity] Department of Sanitation". They can be called if there is a deceased dog or cat on the street, freeway, sidewalk, or public area. Ask about the deceased animal pickup when you call.

This being said, does Animal Control take in dead animals?

I found dead animals, what do and do? You can bury small dead wild animal or throw it in the trash. You may need to contact a professional waste removal company if you have larger animals. Contact your local public works office or animal control to have dead animals removed from public land.

Animal Control also picks up deceased cats. For a fee, animal control services can also pick up dead pets. The passing of your pet will not be treated as an emergency. They may not arrive on the next business day if they are not available at night or on weekends.

How much does it cost for a dead animal to be removed?

The cost to locate and remove a dead animal from your home or business will likely be between $150 and $250. For the removal of the carcass and sealing the hole, some people charge more.

What can the city do about dead animals?

AFinal Journeys Animal Aftercarea, an animal crematory, picks up the carcasses and takes them to an incinerator when the freezer is full. Different disposal methods are available in other cities. Others place the remains in large drums and freeze them before disposing of them in a landfill.