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Is it possible to take the CPC online test?

CPC Practice Exams
Three practice exams with 50 questions each, allowing you to assess your readiness for the actual medical code exam. Access to the material is valid for one year after purchase. Multiple attempts are permitted.

This in mind, can you now take the CPC exam online.

You can choose to prepare for the CPCA (r) exam online or in a classroom setting. There are practice exam books available. The AAPC's online practice exam simulates the format, difficulty level and time constraints of the real exam.

What is the CPC exam like? Although the AAPC CPC exam may be difficult, it is possible to pass the exam in your first attempt. This is because many have done it.

Also, where can you take your CPC exam?

The CPC exam can be taken in person at a local testing centre. To locate an exam site for the CPC: Visit

Is it possible to take the CPC exam without attending school?

Many coders have been certified without ever attending school. AAPC and AHIMA coding exams do not require any educational background other than a high school diploma, or the equivalent. This is what the exam will test. She can also sit for the CPC if she's not in pain.