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How do you know what percent tint you have?

Turn the car's window halfway down. To check the vehicle tint percent , use a tintmeter, such the TintMeter Model 100 by Laser Labs, Inc. This tool is used widely by law enforcement to determine tint percentage.

This is how to tell which window tint is the darkest.

Look through the tinted windows from the opposite side of the vehicle with all windows closed. The tinted windows should be able to clearly show the interior of the vehicle and the outside of the window opposite it.

What does 30% tint also mean? 30% Tint is considered a light tint, and it is generally acceptable. The legal limit of tinting on any car window is determined by its light transmittance (LT), which measures the amount of light that can pass through it tinted. The back windows can be tinted darker or blacked out.

What is the tint percentage?

Window tint is a percentage of visible sunlight transmission levels (VLT), that can pass through the windows. A higher percentage means that more light can pass through the window, which would make it appear darker.

What does 35% window film look like?

Let's say that 35% is done on the back windows. This means that 35% of visible light will pass through window film. The window film that will be darker is the lower it is. A film with a VLT of 5% is very dark, as it allows only 5% of visible lighting through. A film with 70% is light, as it allows through 70%.