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How do I know when to pick my sativa?

2) The best time to harvest the most readily available hybrids is when these bulbous heads turn milky. It is the best time to harvest Sativa hybrids, long-flowering strains (like Haze) when 70% of the trichome heads have turned milky.

How do you pick the right time to pick your broccoli?

Harvest broccoli early in the morning when the buds are tight and firm, just before the heads bloom. Do not harvest if you see yellow petals. The quality of the broccoli will drop rapidly. Take at least 6 inches from the stem to remove the heads.

What does budrot look like? It starts inside the stem of the bud, and spreads to the rest of the buds. This makes it difficult to spot in the early stages. As the bud becomes mushy and slimy, it will appear first as a white, wispy rot.

When can you tell if your plants are male or female?

Look at the nodes and search for small sacs or bracts in the males. These will eventually give rise to the hair-like stigma. Although there are many other ways to determine the plant's sex, the best method is to examine pre-flower formation.

Is horseradish a perennial crop?

Horseradish roots can be planted in autumn or late winter and then sprout leaves in spring. Before they can dig, plants need at least one season. No matter how careful you harvest horseradish, it always returns the following year. This means that you will always have enough plants to dig up and move to a new spot in spring.