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Can you use Plasti Dip on metal?

Plasti Dip shrinks around most items as it dries. Priming is recommended for extreme circumstances or when the Plasti Dip is applied to a large metallic surface. Use Plasti DipA(r), Primer, or an automotive-type acrylic primer.

Plasti Dip sticks to metal?

Priming is not necessary for most dip-coated items. The coating shrinks around the item as it dries. Priming is recommended for extreme circumstances or to add protective coating to large metallic surfaces. Plasti Dip Primer, or an acrylic primer for auto bodies of high quality is recommended.

Plasti Dip can also be used on clothes. The Super Grip nonskid fabric coating can only be used on most fabrics to prevent skidding. Super Grip should not be used on concrete, wood, ceramic or concrete floors.

Plasti Dip will stick to galvanized steel in this manner.

Plasti Dip bonds to almost any surface and sticks to it. Plasti Dip Primer is recommended for all non-absorbent surfaces, particularly galvanized steel to prevent Plasti Dip from peeling. Plasti Dip should be applied over Flex Primer immediately it has dried to the touch for best results.

How many cans is it required to Plastidip a whole vehicle?

He explained that it takes between 50 and 75 cans of coating to make it work correctly. You can't remove it in any less than that and it won't come off in sheets. Good luck! has a video that explains why spray cans are not a good idea.