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Who is Ruaumoko?

RAaumoko, also known as RAamoko, is the god of seasons, earthquakes, and volcanoes in Maori mythology. He is the youngest son to Ranginui (the Sky dad) and PapatAAnuku ("the Earth mother") (commonly referred to as Ranginui and Papa).

The same question could be asked of the Maori god water.


Who is the Maori god for peace? Rongo

Another question is: Who is Haumietiketike?"

Haumiatiketike, also known as Haumia–roa and Haumia–tikitiki, is the god of all uncultivated foods in MAori mythology. Rongo, the god who oversees all cultivated food plants and the kumara, contrasts him.

Who is God of the Forest?

Cernunnos, with his powerful antlers is a protector of forests and master hunter. As the Green Man, he is a god for trees and vegetation. He also has the potential to be a god fertility and lust when he is connected to Pan, the Greek satyr.