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Which two types of tissues have the greatest ability to repair themselves?

The greatest potential to regenerate is found in connective and epithelial tissues. The epithelial or connective tissue can often heal small injuries and wounds with normal tissue. muscle tissue has a limited ability to regenerate. Fibrous connective tissue is often used to replace damaged muscle tissue.

Which of the following tissues is the most able to regenerate?

Skeletal muscles can regenerate and create new muscle tissue. However, cardiac muscle cells cannot regenerate. New research suggests that regenerating heart muscles may be possible by using cardiac stem cells. Smooth muscle cells are the most likely to regenerate.

The next question is: Which two major tissue types have the greatest ability to regenerate after injury? Epithelial, connective have the highest capacity to heal after an injury.

What type of tissue can be regenerated?

Pericytes, a type of stem cell found in small blood vessels, can help to regenerate smooth muscle tissue. Pericytes enable smooth muscle cells to repair and regenerate much faster than skeletal or cardiac muscle tissue.

What type of tissue doesn't regenerate?

cardiac muscle