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Which microscope is best for DNA examination?

electron microscope

Another question is: What microscope can you use to examine cells?

Two types of electron microscopyatransmission and scanningaare widely used to study cells. Transmission electron microscopy can be compared to the observation of stained cells using the bright-field microscope.

Can you see strawberry DNA under a microscope, in addition to the above? DNA is the unique chemical instructions that create all living things from humans to strawberries. Many believe that DNA cannot be seen because it is so small. However, DNA can actually be seen easily with the naked eye if it is collected from thousands upon thousands of cells.

How do they determine what DNA looks like?

Scientists have created a new way to image the building blocks of life. The new method uses an electron microscope and a bed made of nails. We are not actually seeing DNA as such when we see the now-iconic images, the fuzzy X within the fuzzy O. Instead, we are seeing x-rays that have been deflected from the DNA's atoms.

You can see DNA with a microscope, but not without one.

The familiar double-helix DNA molecule can be clearly seen under a microscope. It is difficult to see DNA because it is so thin. This happens only after the strands have been released from the cells' nuclei and allowed to clump together.