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Which countries have a highland climate

High climate can be found in the Cascades, Sierra Nevada and Rockies (North America), the Andes (South America ), the Andes (South America ), and in Asia (the Himalayas or the Tibetan plateau), and in Africa (the eastern highlands).

What countries have the highest highland climate?

Highland Climate

  • Rocky Mountain Range, North America
  • The Andean mountain range is located in South America.
  • The Alps of Europe.
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.
  • The Himalayans of Tibet.
  • Mt. Fuji in Japan.

What countries in Europe also have highland climate zones? Norway, Finland, Sweden.

Which countries are home to highland areas?

Many countries have highlands that are either officially or informally referred to. These areas include, among others, parts of Ethiopia, Canada and Kenya.

Are there Mediterranean climates?

Mediterranean climate. Mediterranean climate is a major climate type in the KAPppen category. It's characterized by hot and dry summers and cold, wet winters. It can be found between 30Adeg to 45Adeg north and south of Equator, and on the west sides of the continents.