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When was the man who came to dinner written?

The Men Who Came to Dinner was a 1939 play by George S.

Where is the man who came for dinner?

The play takes place in Malia, Ohio during the final weeks of the 1930s. The play reveals that Sheridan Whiteside, a New York City radio personality and radio personality, is invited to dine with Ernest W. Stanley and his family at his home.

What is The Man Who Came To Dinner's theme? Themes and Meanings The conflict between two life styles is what gives rise to the humor in The Man Who Came To Dinner. A small group of middle-class, conservative people in a Midwest town is juxtaposed with a selection of wealthy, eccentric, and well-known luminaries from around the world.

Who also played the banjo in The Man Who Came To Dinner?

Cast (in credits order). Verified as complete

Bette Davis Maggie Cutler
Monty Woolley Sheridan Whiteside
Richard Travis Bert Jefferson
Jimmy Durante Banjo
Billie Burke Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley, aka Daisy

Who wrote The Man Who Came To Dinner?

Moss Hart George S. Kaufman