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What year is my 4l80e?


This makes it clear that in what years Chevy used 4l80e?

In 1991, the 4L80E transmission was launched and it remained in production until 2013. Its durability and strength are evident in its 22-year history.

What vehicles were the 4l80e used in, other than those mentioned? The 4L80E was used in the following vehicles:

  • Chevy Avalanche.
  • Chevy C2500 HD.
  • Chevy C3500 HD.
  • Chevy Express 2500.
  • Chevy Express 3500.
  • Chevy Express 4500.
  • Chevy K2500 Suburban.
  • Chevy Silverado 2500 HD.

How do I find out if my 4l80e is correct?

It is easy to identify 4L80e transmissions. There are 2 speed sensors on each side of the transmission. There was no top bolt hole in their bellhousing, so there were 2 bolt locations. Also, the early units had the cooler lines connected near the front of their bellhousing area.

What is the maximum HP a 4l80e can handle?

Performance Automatic is a 4L80E that produces 700+ horsepower and similar torque.