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What is the South African flower?

The King Protea

What is South Africa's national flower?


What is an African flower? Protea, flame lily and leopard orchid are some of the African native flowering plants. Many of these species are now ornamental plants in America.

This is what you need to know about South Africa's flowers.

Flowers of South Africa

  • Barberton Daisy. Barberton Daisy. This is the emblem of South African organizations. It was also the symbol for the Blue Bulls.
  • Blood Lily.
  • Candelabra Flower.
  • Day Waterlily.
  • Devils Thorn.
  • Gazania.
  • Impala Lily
  • Krantz Aloe.

Why is King Protea so important for South Africa?

The king protea (Protea Cynaroides), South Africa's national flower, was declared in 1976. It is a unique flowering bush that is as beautiful as the country. The stem is made up of multiple dormant flowers, which allows the king protea survive wildfires.