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What is the first time a clock has a hand?

Minute Hand. The large hand on a clock points to the minutes. It turns once every 60 minutes (or one hour) around the clock. Ex. The minute hand on the clock to the left is just past "4". If you count the marks starting at "12", it will show that it is 22 minutes past hour.

People often ask why they are called hands on a timer.

Anyone can interpret the origin of "clock hands" however they wish. That's okay. It is so.

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You might also wonder what the names of the hands on a clock are.

The second hand is the third hand on a clock. It is also called a 2nd because it is the 2nd division of an hour divided by 60. Minutes could also be called firsts.

What are the components of a clock?

The Main Parts of a Wall Clock

  • Main Wheel: The gear train in a clock's clock.
  • Escape Wheel: A pendulum, or the toothed wheels that spin in escapement of a clock.
  • Minute Hand: A longer hand that signifies minutes.
  • Hour Hand: This is the shorter hand that points at the hour.
  • Case: The clock's body.