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What is the first line defense in volleyball?

The "spike" refers to when the ball hits or is smashed across a net. This is the most powerful shot in Volleyball and the best way to win a rally. This is Volleyball 's first line of defense. The "block" serves two purposes: to prevent spiked balls from crossing the net and to channel spikes to defenders.

So, which positions are defense in volleyball?

You should teach your team the FOUR positions of defense, regardless of whether you are playing middle back, setter, rotation, or another type of defense.

What is a "one touch" in volleyball? One touch is when a blocker touches a spiked ball to slow its momentum. This does not count as one of the three allowed touches on either side of the court. This allows the ball to be picked up easier than if it was not touched by the blocker.

What is the most important position for volleyball?

There are five main positions in volleyball: setter, outside-hitter, libero and middle hitter. The settingter position usually is considered to be the most important. The setter acts like a quarterback. The setter touches more balls than any other player.

What does a backcourt look like in volleyball?

Backcourt players cannot hit the ball over the net by jumping from behind the attack line. Also known as the three-metre mark, this line separates the front and rear parts of the court. Volleyball is a highly specialized sport.