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Last Updated: 18th Jun 2024

What is the cost to install a tow-package?

Installation costs for a hitch can start at $100, and reach up to $800. Remember that you will need to purchase the tow hitch and any other parts separately, which can easily cost you $150-$200.

What is the cost of adding a tow package to your vehicle?

A trailer hitch costs between $150 and $800. The average cost of a gooseneck hitch is $400-$800. Fifth wheel hitches are $500-$2,500.

Is a towing package required? A hitch or tow package is not necessary if you're not going to tow. Although a hitch/package can increase your ability to sell, it won't necessarily make you more money.

Can you then add a tow kit aftermarket?

Should you let the dealer install it or do you go with an aftermarket option? We recommend that you buy it from your dealera but that you plan ahead. All vehicles suitable for towing are eligible for aTrailer Prep Packagea from automakers. If you intend to tow, get it.

What is included in a tow package?

A factory-installed trailer package will usually include a hitch platform and engine cooling. It also includes a trailer towing wiring harness and strong frames for mounting the hitch. Manufacturers may also offer to add rear-end gearing and upgraded alternator or battery as well as towing circuitry for trailer lights.