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What is hedis quizlet?

More than 90% of America’s health plans use the Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS), to assess performance on key dimensions of care and service. HEDIS includes 81 measures that cover five areas of care.

Know what hedis stands for?

Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information

What are the 2 types of hedis measure? The 2017 HEDIS quality indicators are broken down into five categories: (1) effectiveness of care; (2) access or availability to care; (3) experience of care; (4) utilization and relative resources use and (5) information about the health plan.

What is then the ultimate goal of hedism?

HEDIS's goals The data collected will be used to monitor the general health of the population and to identify areas for improvement. Assess the patient's treatment results and procedures. Perform an external performance measurement.

What is the Health Plan Employee Data and Information Set (hedis)? Quizlet?

Data and information set for health plan employers - This set of standard performance measures is designed to give healthcare purchasers and consumers the information they need to compare managed health care plans. These data include claims, administrative, and record review .