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What is a Clippers 0 guard?

0 = No blade. You can get as close to your head as possible. You will not get an aBuzz Cuta without a clipper guard.

What size is a zero guard in this context?

Let's begin with Andis' most beloved accessory, the brand's Nano magnet combs. They are divided into two sets: a set of five shorter magnet guards, and a set of four longer.

Andis Magnetic guard chart.

Number to guard Size in inches Size in mm
#0 1/16" 1.5
#1 1/8" 3
#2 1/4" 6
#3 3/8" 10

Also, is it possible to use clippers with no guard? Assuming you mean the clipper guard on the razor, I assume you mean "comb". If this is the case, then "yes" you can absolutely use the shaver with no guard . You can use electric razors without a clipper guard.

People also ask: What is the lowest guard for hair-clippers?

The hair scissors will give you a close shave, where the hair has been cut to the scalp.

Clipper Numeros.

Clipper Guide Number Inches Length in mm
1 1 / 16 1.6
2 1 / 8 3.2
3 1 / 4 6.3
4 3 / 8 9.5

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