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What happens to bad ground turkey?

Bad meat can make you sick, just like any other old, spoiled food. A meat contaminated with bacteria or toxins can make your sick. People who consume rancid meat are more likely to become sick.

Is bad turkey making you sick?

Ground turkey shouldn't make you sick. To kill harmful bacteria ensure that you cook your ground turkey to at minimum 165F. Check out our ratings of meat thermometers. Remember that proper cooking is not enough. Some can cause toxins that cannot be destroyed by heat.

What happens to bad ground beef, other than the above? Spoiled Beef: Other bacteria may be responsible for your beef's "bad" condition. They can give meat an bad smell or surface slime but they do not cause any noticeable symptoms when eaten. They are a sign that the meat is in process of decomposing and should be thrown out.

How can I tell if my ground turkey is bad?

You can smell the ground turkey and inspect it.

What happens to bad turkey lunch meat?

Listeriosis, also sometimes called listerosis, is aserious type of food poisoning caused by Listeria monocytogenesbacteria. Listeria monocytogenesbacteria can be found in some ready-to eat meats, such as hot dogs and deli meats. It can also occur after factory cooking, but before packaging or at the delicounter.