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What happens in marine algae?

The next step in marine algae with chlorophyll is to decompose carbonic acid. This is done using the light rays of the sun. Their lower portion, which is in direct contact with water, remains intact.

Is marine algae considered a plant in this context?

Some seaweeds can grow up to 60 metres long. The red, brown, and green algae include seaweeds. They are part of the kingdom Protista, which means they are not plants. They lack the vascular system (internal transportation system) of plants, and they do not have roots or stems.

Algae can also grow in saltwater. Algae can be found in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Microalgae can grow in freshwater and saltwater . Diatoms can grow in freshwater, especially lakes and ponds. Saltwater environments are where dinoflagellates can grow in the sea.

Another question is: Where can you find green algae in the ocean?

In temperate and tropical water, green algae is common. They can be found at the bottom, but they do not grow to great depths. They can be found in the intertidal zone of rocky coastlines and tide pools.

What does it look like to be a marine alga?

The marine algae group includes unicellular and invisible microalgae that together with cyanobacteria make up the ocean phytoplankton.