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What channel is Monday Night Football in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

ESPN Monday Night Football, pre-season and regular season, is broadcast live on Fox affiliate WLUK in Green Bay and ABC affiliate WISN in Milwaukee. The stations that air Packers games in the NFL Network Run to Playoffs package vary.

Will Monday Night Football also be shown on local television?

The best part? You can receive your local team's games for free with a digital antenna, even if they are televised on cable like Monday Night Football and games on the NFL Network. These games are available on national cable but they can also be viewed live on local channels in each team's home town.

Find out which channel will be broadcast Monday Night Football in 2019! ESPN

It is also important to find out which channel the Monday Night Football game is on.

ESPN American Broadcasting Company

What channel and time is the NFL game tonight?

ESPN will broadcast both games nationally. On Sunday, the NFL begins its Week 17. All 16 games will take place at 1 p.m. ET or 4:25 PM. ET on Fox or CBS, with the exception of the Seahawks-49ers game at 8.25 p.m. ET on NBC.