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What are the functions of the lining and the glandular tissues in the body?

The epithelial tissues, which are basically large sheets of cells that cover all surfaces of the body and line the organs' outsides, are most commonly called epithelial tissue. Epithelium is also a large part of the glandular tissues of the body. The skin is not the only part of the body that is exposed to the elements.

So, what's the purpose of glandular epithelial tissues?


What is covering and lining epithelium, other than the above? The covering and lining epithelium cover the exterior surfaces of the body, and lines the internal organs.

You might also wonder, "Why would our digestive system require glandular tissue?"

To enable the stomach to digest food, it has attached muscle tissue. Glandular tissue is responsible for the breakdown of food during digestion.

What kind of epithelium can be found in glandular tissue and why?

Cuboidal epithelium can be found in secretive tissues such as the exocrine and pancreatic glands, as well as absorptive tissues such as the pancreas and the linings of the kidney tubules.