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Is wider hardwood better?

This makes small spaces seem larger. Additionally, narrow plank floors are easier to maintain because they have more boards. While wide plank floors require more space to expand or contract with humidity, narrow plank flooring requires less.

Is it therefore more costly to buy wider hardwood?

Wide plank flooring can be expensive if the boards are more than 10 inches in length. A wider plank can create the illusion of more space. Hardwood floors have natural characteristics that offer more features.

The next question is: What is the best width to use for hardwood flooring? The 5-8 inch range is the most popular, but some homeowners prefer to have 10-inch planks. However, this size requires a lot of space. The standard width of many manufacturers is around 7 inches.

Do wide wood planks make a space appear larger?

Contrary to what some might believe, wide plank flooring doesn't make your space appear smaller. It can actually add visual interest to small spaces. You can use the wide planks to play tricks on your eyes, and they will enhance your space instead of taking away from it.

What is wide plank flooring?

Wide plank flooring: Widths & Lengths Most wide plank wood flooring is around 10 inches in width, if not more. Wide-plank flooring from a specialist retailer can be ordered in these widths, but they can also go up to 20 inches.