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Is Walmart able to provide the game sequence?

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What is the cost of the game's sequence?

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Is sequence a good game? Top positive review: We love playing both card and board games, and Sequence is a wonderful combination of both. The game is very easy to learn, and can be played in up three teams. It is easiest to play two teams of two when we splay.

People also ask: Who makes the game sequences?

Douglas Reuter, a Minnesotan abstract strategy board-and card game creator, invented Sequence in Owatonna in 1970. The original game was called "Sequence Five" by Mr. Reuter.

What are the four types of sequences?

Number patterns in Math

  • Arithmetic Sequence. A sequence is a group of numbers that follows a particular pattern.
  • Geometric Sequence. Geometric Sequence is a sequence of numbers that have the same multiplier or divide.
  • Triangular numbers.
  • Square Numbers
  • Cube numbers.
  • Fibonacci Numbers.