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Is acetone a hazmat?

Acetone, also known by the name propanone is a clear and colorless liquid which is highly flammable. Acetone, which is used in a lot of products and even found in our bodies, is a highly flammable liquid that should be disposed of correctly.

This is the hazmat classification for Acetone.


Descriptions of Hazardous Materials and Proper Shipping Names (2) Hazard Class or Division (3) PG (5)
Acetone 3 II
Flammable liquids, n.o.s. 3 III

What is the greatest danger from using Acetone?

  • Inhalation: May cause irritation to the throat and nose.
  • Contact with the skin: May cause mild irritation.
  • Eye Contact: EYE IRRITANT.
  • Ingestion: Not harmful.
  • Long-term (chronic) exposure can cause dry, red, and cracked skin (dermatitis).

Another question is: How is Acetone transported?

Properly grounded, carbon steel tanks are used to store Acetone. Acetone can be flammable so it must be handled with care when moving between storage tanks or transport vehicles. Acetone can be transported via tank truck, rail car, and vessel/barge. You can transport this product under nitrogen blanketing.

Is acetone a sensitizer or a toxin?

Acetone Acetone is a colorless liquid at ambient temperature. Acetone's high vapor pressure (232 mmHg) indicates that it will likely vaporize at room temperatures. It is very soluble in water and has a log Kow value of -0.24. This indicates that it has low potential for bioaccumulation.