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How often must an insurance agency renew its license?

How often do I have to renew it? You should renew your license once every two years. Keep in mind that renewals may require more than just paying a fee. Continuing education requirements are generally required before you can renew your license.

Find out how often agents are required to renew their insurance licenses.

All Ohio insurance agents holding a title, limited or major line insurance license must renew their licenses by January 1, 2011. You can submit renewal applications up to 90 days before the expiration date of an agent's license.

How long does an appointment for an insurance agent last? If the appointment is sent to the Department within ten business days, and if the agent holds a valid license in the line for which the appointment is requested by the insurer, the appointment will be valid.

This is how long your insurance license will last.

What is the validity period of an insurance license? When can it be renewed? Individual licenses issued as initial licenses expire on the last day in the licensee’s birth month within the first year following issuance. Licensee's age must be divisible by 2.

What happens to insurance licenses?

How to renew your Texas insurance license. In Texas, insurance licences are valid for two years. The expiration will occur on your birth date, which is based on the anniversary your license years. Non-resident licenses in other states will continue to require you to pay the renewal fee.