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How much do asphalt shingles weigh?

Shingles can be purchased in bundles that cover a specific area of your roof, usually 33.3 square feet. Weight for a bundle shingles is dependent on the material. Three-tab asphalt roofing shingles weigh 50 to 80 pounds per bundle. The bundles of architectural asphalt shingles are 65-80 pounds.

Then, you might also wonder, "How much roof weight is per square foot?"

The roof's dead load is its weight, including any permanently attached structures or materials. It must be designed to support itself first. A typical asphalt-shingled roof with a wood frame is 15 pounds per square feet.

What is the weight of a roof tile? Concrete roof tiles of standard weight weigh 9 1/2 to 12 pounds per square feet. This is significantly heavier than asphalt shingles which only weigh 2 1/2 to 4lbs per square foot.

Another question is: How much do 15 squares of shingles weigh?

The average weight of architectural shingles is 400 lbs per square

# of Squares Approximate weight Recommendations for Dumpster
10 Squares 2 Tons 15 Cubic Yard
20 squares 4 Tons 15 to 20 Cubic Yard
30 squares 6 Tons 30 Cubic Yard
40 squares 8 Tons 30 Cubic Yard

Is shingle weight important?

When choosing a shingle, weight is no longer an issue. Today, 95% of shingles use a fiberglass matt. Fiberglass can withstand the elements better than other materials. These fibers are the base material for a stronger, lighter and thinner product.