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How do you stop a car battery from leaking acid?

You can prevent corrosion with a mixture of water and baking soda. This will cause the acid to corrode. Spray the primer on the area after everything has dried. The final step is to insert the new battery.

This is why a car battery could leak acid.

Acid leakage from a car battery is often caused by damage to the battery or through the cell caps at the top. Leakage can also be caused by overcharging your vehicle's battery. Battery leakage can also be caused by extreme cold.

A leaking battery can also cause damage to your car. Answering your question "Is it safe to drive a vehicle with a leaking battery?" is the best and most reliable option. It is not a good idea to leave the battery alone if it has exploded like this. This is a degraded battery.

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Cover any spillage with the neutralizing agent. Then rinse the affected area with clean water. You should not spill more than 10 gallons of electrolyte. Call the fire department to have it handled.

Is it possible for a car battery to explode from a leak?

If you charge a battery beyond the required level, gas can build up and cause the battery to burst. Exploding batteries are the worst scenario. However, you can get leakage or boil the majority of the acid from the battery.