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How do you plant a sky pencil holly?

Long-Term Sky Pencil Holly Car
Fertilize Sky Pencil hollies with one pound of 10-6-4 (or special broadleaf evergreen fertiler) per inch (2.5 cm). Your trunk diameter. Apply the fertilizer to the root zone. Water it in. Only water established plants during dry spells.

In inverse proportion, how fast does Sky Pencil holly grows?

Sky pencil holly, a slow-growing columnar shrub, can grow to 10 feet high and have a width of only a fraction of that. The maximum height of one of these holly shrubs is 6 feet. Its width can be as low as 14 inches at its widest point.

Also, learn how to plant Japanese holly. To keep the root ball in its place, fill the hole with soil halfway. Let the water drain out of the hole around the root ball by pouring a bucketful into it. The soil should be filled in the root ball hole. To create a solid hedge, place other holly plants 2 ft apart or 3 1/2 ft apart for individual plants.

People often ask why my sky pencil is holly dying.

Root Rots. " Sky Pencil" Holly Root Rots. These fungal diseases can cause roots to turn brown or black, and then become mushy. The roots eventually die and the holly's leaves turn yellow.

How wide can Sky Pencil Holly go?

2 feet