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How do I see the UEFA Champions League in USA

You can watch the UEFA Champions League live on US TV. FOX Sports has lost the rights to the Champions League, and Europa League in America. Turner Sports (on TNT), B/R Live for streaming in English and Univision Deportes for streaming in Spanish are the new owners of these rights.

You might also wonder, "What channel is Champions League on in the USA?"

At 3:00 p.m., the 2019 Champions League final will take place between Tottenham and Liverpool. ET, and will be broadcast by TNT in the United States as well as Univision Deportes.

Where can I also watch the Champions League live on BT TV? View the Champions League live on BT TV . If you have BT TV and BT broadband, but you signed up before BT Sport was available as a standard, you can still add BT Sport for a tenner per month.

This being said, how do I see the Champions League in USA?

Seasons 2018a2021

Territory No cost Pay
United Kingdom BT Sport
United States Univision Turner Sports Univision
Uzbekistan Uzreport TV Futbol TV
Vietnam K+

Is the Champions League available on TV?

Champions League live games on BT Sport TV and online.