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How can you deactivate an old alarm clock?

Set an alarm
  1. Open the Clock App on your phone.
  2. Tap Alarm at the top
  3. Tap the Down arrow to go to the alarm that you wish. Cancel: To cancel an Alarm that is off within the next 2 hours tap Dismiss. Delete: To permanently remove the alarm tap Delete.

Please, turn off the alarm.

Tap the "Applications” icon on your phone's home screen. Select "Clock". Tap " Alarm." Select "Menu", then click "Delete." You will see a list of alarms already set up on your Android Gingerbread phone.

How do you use an analog alarmclock? You'll find keys or knobs for setting the time, and the alarm. You will find three knobs: one for setting the hour hand, one to set the alarm. Reset the clock. To set the time, locate the time knob and turn it.

How do you set an old alarm clock?

To set the alarm, turn the ALARM SET dial counterclockwise until you see the alarm hand. To activate the alarm simply shift the alarm toggle switch at the back the clock into the aONa position. To turn off the alarm, move the alarm switch to aOFFa.

How can I turn off my Fitbit alarm?

Fitbit App is a great way to adjust alarms from your smartphone's screen. For more information, please see Fitbit app. Open Alarms > Tap the alarm > Turn the alarm off. > Tap the alarm > Disable.