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How can you create a high garden?

To give your plants a rich environment, mix topsoil with compost and other organic materials (see the recipes below). Find out more about soil amendments, and how to prepare soil for planting. The soil in a raised bed will dry faster.

What should I also put in the bottom of a raised garden?

The lasagna method is to fill your garden boxes with leaves, grass clippings and straw. Add a layer on top of the cardboard. Next, add your soil. The soil will eventually become rich compost.

The next question is: Is it safe to use treated lumber for raised gardens? With a few cautions, "new" pressure-treated wood can be used for raised garden frames. The most commonly used preservative for pressure treated wood up to 2003 was chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), which is a compound that uses arsenic in its primary rot protector.

You may also be asked what type of wood is best for raising beds.

Wood options for Raised Garden Boxes

  • Redwood and Black Locust are the best options for raised garden boxes due to their longevity. They are naturally resistant to rot and can last for up to 20 year.
  • Cedar is another wood that resists rot. It can be used for up to ten years and it looks stunning.

How high should raised beds be?

6-12 inches