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How can you audition for Barbizon

St. Louis Model & Talent Agency
  1. Always include your resume and headshot.
  2. Remember your sides.
  3. In the first 15 seconds, show your best self.
  4. The three C's are confident, charismatic and comfortable.
  5. Continue to audition, and don't let hearing "no", stop you.
  6. If you make a mistake, don't try to start again.

What is the cost of living in Barbizon?

Special Offer: Get the Barbizon Experience at a Low Introductory Price of 395.00

Barbizon is also expensive. Barbizon schools can be expensive and there is no need to train to be a model. The right school may be worth the investment, especially if they are able to help you showcase your talents to professionals in the industry.

Barbizon Modeling is therefore legal?

Barbizon is what I would describe as a scam agency. They get all these girls--some of whom you can clearly see: 1) They don't want to act/model 2) They won't be actors or models (if you're honest) 3) They will not pay their parents any money.

Is there a minimum age for Barbizon Modeling

Each Barbizon School is unique and therefore it will vary. Most accept between 5 and 17 years old. For more information, please contact Barbizon in your locality.