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Holly UK: How fast?

These flowers attract butterflies and bees, and the autumn berries are loved by a variety of small birds and British birds. Holly hedge plants need little maintenance, with an average annual growth rate between 10-20cm.

How fast does Holly grow?

Holly have a slow growth. They will grow to 6-9 inches each year if they are left untrimmed.

Find out how large Holly grows. Holly bushes can grow up to 6 feet tall while others can grow up to 50 feet. You need to choose the right plant for your garden and climate. English holly is the best-loved Christmas variety. It grows well in Zone 6.

It is also important to understand if Holly is a soft or hard wood.

Holly. Holly timber is a hardy, dense and fine-grained hardwood that is the most white of all timber species.

Is Holly a good hedger?

You can grow hollies as specimen plants in a garden, or in a shrub or mixed border. Some are also great hedges that provide security for your garden. You only need to trim any diseased or incorrectly placed branches. In the late summer, trim holly hedges.