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Can Spring and Hibernate be used together?

Spring's data support framework provides many utilities for Hibernate integration. Many production applications use Hibernate to provide an ORM framework for Spring apps. They can actually complement each other when it comes to leveraging developer productivity.

People often ask how to integrate Spring and Hibernate.

Let's take a look at the steps to integrate spring and hibernate:

  1. Create a table in the database. It is optional.
  2. Create applicationContext. It includes information about DataSource, SessionFactory, etc.
  3. Create Employee
  4. create employee.
  5. Create EmployeeDao.
  6. InsertTest.

What is the difference between Hibernate & Spring? Hibernate and spring are two distinct frameworks. Spring is about developing the flow of an application. Hibernate deals with communication between app and the database. Dependency injection-Direct object to its dependent object. The container will bind them at runtime.

Is spring data using hibernate in this instance?

Hibernate can be used to implement JPA, and Spring Data JPA can be used for data access Abstraction. Spring Data provides a solution for GenericDao customized implementations. Spring Data allows you to use Hibernate or Eclipse Link as well as any other JPA provider.

Is hibernate still used?

JPA and Hibernate have been a good choice for most applications, as they make it easy to implement CRUD operations. Most applications' persistence tier is simple. It requires many CRUD operations and uses a relational database that has a static domain model.