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Last Updated: 25th Feb 2024

Are sellers required to clean house?

Sellers are required to clean up after themselves and take out the fridge and garbage.

People also ask if sellers are required to clean up the UK house.

You cannot do anything about it because the seller has no legal obligation to clean the house. The seller has to remove all of their belongings and furniture from the house unless they agree otherwise.

What happens if the seller leaves something behind in the house? You should ask the seller to take away any belongings that the seller may have left in the house. You will need to arrange for the removal of items if the seller is unable or unwilling to do so. You may have to pay extra for the item's removal.

What should I do to clean my house before I sell it?

All personal property, including items you don't intend to keep, must be removed. Wipe down the counters and clean all kitchen appliances. Check the tubs and sinks. Clean the interior shelves and cabinets.

Is it okay to leave the house empty after the final walk-through?

The home not being completely empty is one of the biggest problems that can occur during final walk-throughs. If there isn't an agreement, home sellers should empty the house completely. Otherwise it could cause problems at the final walkthrough.