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What is World Traveler Plus?

World Traveller Plus, a British Airways Premium Economy product, is a mix between World Traveller (Economy Class), and Club World (Business Class). It contains elements from both business and economy classes to distinguish the product, as you can see in this flight review.

What does World Traveller Plus mean for British Airways?

World Traveller Plus Premium Economy Cabin offers a premium experience. Book a flight with World Traveller Plus. World Traveller Plus - A quick glance. You will have more legroom and wider seats. Separate, smaller cabin offering attentive service.

What is the difference between world traveller plus and BA economy? World Traveller Plus, which is an upgrade to this aircraft, is by all measures a major improvement. The only difference between BA, and other airlines is the lack of economy comforta-type seats with more legroom. This is the only way to get better comfort, except for World Traveller's exit row seats.

Similarly, is BA World Traveller Plus worth it?

It depends on what the cost of your flight is. You can upgrade to economy for as little as APS100-APS200 per person if you book your flights right when they are released. However, I don't believe it's worth more.

Is World Traveler Plus a business class?

British Airways will be changing the amenities it provides to World Traveller Plus customers. The premium economy service will now have amenity kits made of recycled plastic bottles. BA's new product for business class will be featured on the aircraft.