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What is the name of the home of the gods?

"Olympus” was the home the Twelve Olympian Gods from the ancient Greek world.

What is the home of gods?

Olympus, the Greek mythological home of the Greek gods and located on Mytikas' peak, is known as Olympus in Greek mythology. It is known for its rich flora and exceptional biodiversity. Since 1938, it has been a National Park.

Where do gods live, other than the above? Mt. Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece. Poseidon's palace is located in the ocean, while Hades' home in the Underworld is where Poseidon lives.

This begs the question: Where did the Greek gods live?

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus was the home of the gods.

Mount Olympus, the mythical Greek home of the gods, is located on Mount Olympus. According to some authors, the Titanomachy was the epic battle between the younger gods and the Olympians with the older gods the Titans. The battle resulted in the creation of Mount Olympus by the Olympian victors.