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What is the meaning of 12th?

12th - Definition and meaning of the word 12th in the Dictionary. (adj), the next position after the eleventh. Synonyms : twelfth.

Afterwards, one might also wonder, "What is the spell of 12th?"

The correct spelling to use for the English word 12th is [twE??lvI], [twE??lvI], [t_w_E??_l_v_I], [IPA phonetic alphabet].

Is it twelfth, or twelfth? The word listed above (twelfth), is most likely the correct spelling of the word you entered (twelvth). This is an educated guess, based on commonly misspelled terms.

Also, what is another word to describe 12?

The most common ordinal form is "twelfth", but "dozenth", or "duodecimal", (from the Latin word), is also used in certain contexts, especially base-12 numeration. A group of twelve items is called a "dozen", but it can also be called a "dodecad", or "duodecad".

Why does the F in twelfth?

Answer: The afa is a fundamental part of the word. It means that atwelvea is derived from the roots atwoa (after ten) and aleft.