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What is the function of the drainage system in a house?

Your home's drain system works completely by gravity. Water flows downhill through large diameter pipes. All wastewater flows to the vent stack and main waste. The main stack curves into a sewer that runs near the foundation. This sewer line is part of a municipal system.

What is House drainage system?

The gravity of your home's drainage system pulls water through the house to the drain. The aSoil stacka pipes waste and dirty water through the main drain. This is usually located under the house. These gases are prevented from escaping the house by vents.

Also, know where the water from your kitchen sink goes. Water that comes down the sink is able to go into both urban and suburban areas, as well as the water system. It will eventually be treated at a water treatment facility, which cleans it up, before it can be disposed of into a river or lake.

Also, how can I locate the drains on my property?

You can check and dig the drain pipe that leads to your sewer line. This will give you an idea of which side your sewer line is located. You should carefully dig around the location where the drain pipe exits your crawlspace or basement. It is easy to follow the path of the pipe through your property once you have located it.

Is the drain used by both toilet and shower?

Toilets are the closest to the sewer and have the longest drain line. If your sewer is blocked, water cannot flow down the drainage. Instead, the water flows back up the pipes to the lowest point, which is usually the shower drain.