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What is Shema?

proper noun
Three passages from the Pentateuch are used to create a Hebrew text. It is an integral part of Jewish morning and evening prayer, and it is used to make a Jewish confession.

What is the meaning of Shema?

Shema. SheA*ma. A declaration of the fundamental principle of Jewish belief that proclaims the absolute unity of God. Origin Shema. Classical Hebrew (language), shma, shma yisroel. Hear, O Israel (the opening lines): Deuteronomy 6;4-9.

Also, find out what the Shema prayer means. is a liturgical prayer that is prominent in Jewish history. It expresses the Jewish people’s deep faith in God and their love for Him.

What is the Shema? And why is it so important?

Many Jews consider the Shema to be the most important prayer of Judaism. It reminds them of the central principle of their faith, which is that there is only one God. This is a monotheistic principle. This portion of the Shema comes from the Torah: Hear O Israel! The Lord is One.

What does the Shema say about God?

15:7-41) The most ancient Jewish prayer can be found in Torah. It affirms that there is only ONE God. The Shema teaches that God is personal, and requires Jews to love Him with all their hearts.