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What does ACC stand for on a boat?

"Accessory" can be any type of accessory, including cabin lighting, fishfinders, hailers, electric dog polishers, and so on. Although it may not be connected to anything right now, you can add to it if you need.

What does accy mean on a boat?

Misc. Accy. Main Feed Protection (fused) from batt and trim panel

What is CTSY? Ctsy could refer to lights in the cockpit and compartments. The livewell pump will continue to run until it is turned off by man. Auto- refers to the livewell pump that runs on a timer.

Know what ACC means on a switch?

An illuminated rocker switch works in the same way as a SPST toggle switch but has an additional terminal that allows the light to work. Before proceeding, you might want to read the article on toggle switch wiring. The labels for most switches are aPowera and aACCa.

What does ACC stand for?

ACC is often referred to as: Atlantic Coast Conference, a NCAA Division I collegiate athletic conference that is located in the United States.