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What does a low-flow showerhead do?

Low-flow shower heads combine water-saving technologies. A showerhead with a high water pressure (for example, 80 psi) will push more water through it than a low shower head with a lower water pressure (20 psi). The same principle applies even if you don't turn the water on full blast.

Also, ask what a low-flow showerhead is?

This showerhead is designed to decrease water waste in order to make your home more efficient. Showerhead cannot control whether you take a long, luxurious bath, but they can reduce your water heating costs.

What is the best low-flow shower head? 6 Best Low Flow Heads a (Reviews & Guide 2020).

  • High Sierra High-Efficiency, Low-Flow Showerhead.
  • Niagara N2517 Sava Spa Fixed-Mount Showerhead.
  • Niagara Earth Massage Low-Flow Showerhead
  • Delta 75152 Single-Function shower head with H2Okinetic Technology
  • Take A Shower LLC Original fire Hydrant Spa Plaza Massager Showerhead

You might also ask, Are Low-flow showerheads good?

Benefits: Low flow showerheads can reduce water consumption by up to 40%. This saves water and can also reduce your monthly water bill, resulting in significant savings at the end of the year. Showers use energy to heat water. This reduces water consumption and energy consumption.

What is the best flow rate for a showerhead?

2.5 GPM