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What are the stages of Charcot foot?

Table 1
Stage Radiographic findings
I (development). Osteopenia, dislocation, fragmentation, joint subluxation, or osteopeia
II (coalescence) Sclerosis, absorption of debris, and fusion of larger pieces
III ( reconstruction). Consolidation of deformity, joint arthritis, fibrous ankyloses and rounding and smoothing bone fragments

How do you treat a Charcot heel?

Charcot foot non-surgical treatment consists of:

  1. Immobilization. The foot and ankle are fragile in the early stages of Charcot. They must be protected so that the weak bones can heal.
  2. Bracing and custom shoes
  3. Activity modification

Charcot foot: Can you walk with it? Charcot foot can make it difficult or impossible to walk and, in extreme cases, can lead to amputation. Charcot feet can develop in diabetics with neuropathy (nerve damage) in their foot. This disables the ability to feel pain. Charot foot is usually caused by a minor injury such as a strain or stress fracture.

Charcot foot is therefore permanent?

The bones can become distorted or collapsed if they are not treated. This could cause permanent changes to the foot's shape. People with Charcotfoot also suffer from peripheral neuropathy, which is a decreased sense of touch in the outer limbs. Charcot foot is not a sign of diabetes.

Is Charcot foot painful?

Charcot foot, also known as Charcot arthropathy is a condition that affects the bones, joints and soft tissue of your feet. It can be difficult to recognize when it is happening. It can eventually lead to painful sores and change the shape of your feet.