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How many licks Tootsie Roll commercial?

By 997 licks. Detroit-based Doner created the original Tootsie Pop campaign. It is still a marketing moment that is as memorable and relevant today as it was when it was first created.

Consider this: How many licks does it take to go commercial?

We've been wondering for years how many licks are required to reach the Tootsie Roll center on a Tootsie Pop. Only Mr. Owl, the wise character representing TootsiePop, had the answer. Three licks.

How many licks is it that it takes to reach the Tootsie Roll? 364

What is the age of the Tootsie Roll commercial, if any?

Since Mr. Owl's 1970 TV advertisement revealed one of the most mysterious secrets in confectionary history, dedicated TootsiePop fans have attempted to find the answer.

How many licks have you had since when?

"How Many Licks"
Publication 2000
Format Single 12" CD
Genre Hip hop
Length 3:52