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How long does it take for aural hemomatoma to heal?

Post-operatively, bandaging can be used to protect the ears from scratching. The cat will require confinement for a period of about 3 weeks to heal.
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What happens if a dog's ear hematoma is left untreated?

Untreated haematomas can cause blood to separate into serum and clots, which will slowly be absorbed over the course of 10 days to 6 week. This can also cause a deformity in the ear flap, which can lead to a "cauliflower-ear", which could cause more problems.

How do you remove a hematoma from a dog's ears? Easier Treatment for Aural Hematomas

  1. Under anesthesia, make an S-shaped incision around the bloody, swollen area.
  2. Get rid of any clots or liquids that may have accumulated.
  3. To keep the tissues together, place multiple sutures between the ears.
  4. Keep the incision open to allow for any bleeding that may occur.

Similar questions are asked: How do you treat aural hemomatomas?

There are many options for treatment, including needle aspiration, bandages, tube drainage systems, incisional drainage and tube drainage. Surgery is performed to remove the hematoma and prevent it from recurring. It also preserves the natural appearance of the ears.

How long does it take for an ear infection to resolve in a dog?

Tape the ears and keep them propped up until the ears stand on their own. The healing process usually takes between 4-8 weeks.